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The Power of 3

3 lovers, 100 words
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multi-fandom threesome drabbles
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drabble_a_trois is challenge a multi-fandom drabble community in the tradition of femslash100 and slashthedrabble however instead of focusing on male/male and female/female pairings drabble_a_trois will focus on threesomes.

male/female/female, male/male/female, male/male/male and female/female/female trios are all acceptable. Ratings G to NC-17. Word count should ideally be 100 but anything up to 250 words is fine. No original fiction or Real Person Fiction please.

Challenges will be posted on Mondays and last for two weeks. You can use the current challenge or any past challenges.

Suggested Posting Format

Word Count:
Prompt: (# and word)
Author's Note: (optional)

Please post all drabbles under an LJ cut.

And please, no advertisements for other communities or RPGs. If you you have questions or are interested in affiliating with this community please contact the mod at bitter_fig@yahoo.com.

Click here to view the masterlist of fandoms represented at drabble_a_trois

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